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Specialist transportation services
across the UK

Phill Bascombe Transport Ltd in Dorset offers cost-effective storage space and small boats transportation across the UK.

Safe and reliable boat transport

Are you looking for a specialist transportation service in Dorset to haul your boat across the UK? With a wealth of experience in the haulage industry, Phill Bascombe Transport Ltd can ensure your boat and other precious cargo are transported safely. For large and abnormal loads we provide escort vehicles to ensure the traffic on route is efficiently managed. We can chart out the most effective route to transport your cargo, so that it reaches the destination on time.
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Reliable boat transport
Portable cabins supply

Second-hand portable cabins supply

Do you require an additional storage room or a temporary office space in Dorset? In addition to specialist transportation services, we also supply second-hand cabins and open storage facilities for your temporary storage needs. Phill Bascombe Transport Ltd offers cost-effective storage space in the form of portable cabins and containers that can be used as an office or store room on construction sites or anywhere you desire. For free estimates on second-hand cabins, contact our team in Dorset today.
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For second-hand portable cabin supply and boat transport across the UK, call Phill Bascombe Transport Ltd in Dorset on 
01202 822 085.
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